How to avoid common pitfalls in your trust accounting
Avoid exposing your law firm to potentially severe penalties. Take time today to review your trust accounting.

Law firms can face significant consequences for mismanagement of trust accounts. Review this criteria to check whether you have the proper controls in place at your firm.

Download this checklist for eight specific items to consider.

Does your technology project qualify for the R&D tax credit?
Technology is one of the industries most likely to benefit from the federal research tax credit, or R&D tax credit, yet many tech companies miss out on significant tax savings because they don't realize they can qualify.

Designed to reward companies for increasing investments in research and development, the R&D tax credit can apply to a wide range of technology projects, such as designing, building and testing new software applications, platforms or systems; creating prototypes; or engaging in engineering or technical services.

Download this checklist to find out if your company's work may qualify.



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