Client Spotlight: International Assets Advisory

International Assets Advisory Story
International Assets Advisory, LLC (IAA) is a full-service brokerage and money management firm that provides investment services to individuals, families and companies looking to raise capital. Founded in 1982, the firm serves thousands of clients in Central Florida, throughout the United States, and around the world.
As specialists in world financial markets, the firm’s professionals work with investors who seek to enhance their returns and lower their portfolio risk through global diversification and proper asset allocation strategies. As a broker-dealer, IAA has to balance the demands of regulators and investors.
“The financial services business is a very highly regulated business,” said IAA General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer Kevin Carreno*. “It always has been and continues to be.”
“Today, most firms view compliance … as part of the DNA of their business,” said Kaufman Rossin’s Risk Advisory Services Director Bao Nguyen. His background includes both direct regulatory experience as a lead examiner with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and private sector experience as a chief compliance officer for a broker-dealer and registered investment advisor.
“They have the ability to quickly employ solutions that are cost effective and get the job done.”
IAA was looking for advisors with a deep understanding of the complexities of the investment adviser world and the expertise to help them develop practical solutions for a firm their size. With both regulatory and private sector experience, Bao and his team were uniquely qualified to help. “We were very comfortable in entering a long-term arrangement with Kaufman Rossin to help us develop that intellectual property, that understanding of a complex regulatory environment,” said Kevin. “[Bao] is very knowledgeable, has great insight and brings a very practical approach to different problems that we confront from a regulatory standpoint.”
Kaufman Rossin’s risk advisory services team helped the firm evaluate and test internal controls and supervisory and compliance systems. Bao and his team communicate frequently with IAA and provide ongoing guidance, especially whenever unique situations arise as a result of new regulations or initiatives. They have a strong relationship built on trust, service, and the best interest of the client, Bao said.
“This business is very much about relationships, and I found that Bao and the other professionals there really have that depth of understanding,” said Kevin. “They have the ability to quickly employ solutions that are cost effective and get the job done.”
*In Memoriam of Kevin Carreno

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